My locker room gay mate

by Trey C. on June 8, 2007
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Whew was I tired! That was probably the most enduring workout I had so far this year. My story begins at the gym of the University of Texas at Arlington. I’ve been trying for months to hit up the My locker room gay mategym to try and get back in shape… and boy did I get a workout. While lifting weights I noticed this guy at the other end of the gym ocassionally looking at me and smiling. WEIRD!, I thought. What is this guy looking at? Is he gay? In a way it was really flattering. He had a great build, a cute smile, and as he turn about throughout the gym the lighting concurred to every beautiful aspects of his muscled arm, great abs, and sexy ass back. After about 15 minutes or so I lost sight of him.

It was now around 10pm and the gym was getting ready to close. Most of the guys and girls just pack up and go straight home… normally I would too, but I really felt like taking a shower because I was so sweaty. In the locker room I noticed I was the only one there. I quickly took off my clothes and jumped into the stinging locker room showers. The room is completely quiet except for the running water. I start soaping my chest and shampooing my hair and then all of a sudden I heard the loud clashing sound of a locker door. A minutes later a shower started at the other end of the room… I didn’t want to seem weird and make whoever that was think I was gay by looking back, but I did, and it was him! The hot guy from the gym. His body was gleaming so brightly as the water runs down his chest unto his abs and down his nice package. He looked at me an smiled again, I freaked out and turned back around.

Oh my God he saw me looking at him! The I felt arms embrace me from behind, and his dick nearing my ass with a kiss on my neck. Oh my God, oh my God! He was behind me! His muscular arm carassed my chest and his kiss slowly gave me pleasurable chills. He turned me around and looked me in the eyes and finally says “hi, i’m BJ” then smiles. He started to kiss me, I didnt stop him. I started to kiss his chest and fill up his abs… then I went lower and took his talent into my mouth. It was so warm and must have been at least 7.5 long and extremely thick. He grabs the back of my head and…

My locker room gay mate

23 Responses to “My locker room gay mate”

  • Claudia

    omg did dis actually happen?!?!? damn trey ur crazy…hott story though!! i love it…

  • ummmm….hot yes….but…uhhh what gonna happen now….duh…..u do know that BJ will b reading this rite….wateva…i dont believe u….this didnt happen…did it???…

  • I think that we need to talk….. lol

    If you wanna keep your balls you had better be playing.

  • amber

    um you do have a boyfriend do you not??

  • Daren



    keep us upto date with next instalment haha



  • Trey C.

    @ Everyone

    Some of the stories are true, some are going to become true :-) Amber, yes I do have a boyfriend. Everything on this website that reference to this locker room guy or whatever is all him. I just post pictures of random jocks because I have nothing personally to put in it's place and it'll be weird to have a climatic story with no image to go along side it.

  • Daren

    Go girl GO!


    LMAO alright


  • Daren

    ps… more than 7 inches!?!?

    you really do need to post pictures :-O


  • Trey C.

    @ Daren

    HAHA your so crazy. I need more readers like you. Thanks for the site link.

  • Jared

    Haha so you take requess now huh? hmm…There should definitely be a camping story. Maybe I should start a blog of porn stories LOL

  • WOW… nice story!

    Well whoever that guy was he is a lucky man. I know if I saw you at the gym I'd check you out. You are a real cute/hot guy.

  • Roland

    LOL…Are you and BJ role playing again?

  • lmfao wow… Tracy – no reverting back to "old ways" alright?

    LOL jk Sorry I so had to say that, but be forewarned! If you can pull a guy like that – you know damn good and well if you did it, BJ could easily pull a guy of equal or greater stature…just saying…lmao :p


  • Graciela

    Tracy!!! you're cute and everything but what did you do? :O


    I LOVE your blogs!

  • Trey C.

    LOL. Thanks Graciela!

  • I noticed a small tweak with the name…. lol

  • Melvin

    Skye, you're dead lol. So…did this really happen? Was the person at the gym your BJ? or another guy named BJ?

  • I think that the BJ was Trey C.'s BJ. You two make a gorgeous couple. Why is everyone so surprised that this situation wouldn't or couldn't happen to trey c. He's a great looking man and has his own sexual needs to be fulfilled and, if it was his BJ, why would it become a SURPRISE?? It's not necessary but Trey, you wrote it so detailed and well, you need to write more stories and get them out there. You can make BIG MONEY!!!!

    I hope everything is going well for you.



  • The same thing is happening to me except the shower. We both look at each other in the gym, he is damn hot. Could he be straight? Every time I look at him my mind goes blank. It is becoming unbearable to the point that I want to ask him directly whether he is gay or not. Guys, give me some hints…

  • i go to uta…what do you look like?

  • @jesus:
    if you go to the bottom of the site there's a link for my myspace. my big ass ugly picture is on there next to my partner :)


  • omg!!! that story has just made me hard! mmmm

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  • Jojo says, "O.o :( seriously? he doesnt seem lyk daht type of guy.. :/ "
  • Jojo says, "lol so true bt sounds so pervy lmao "
  • Fred says, "What is so `important´ if gay or not gay. Be gayfriendly!..."
  • jewel says, "taylor i want to suck u up and doooooooooowwwn then i want u..."
  • Purplestein says, "Hater, Taylor Luatner is PERFECT "
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