Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

by Trey C. on December 12, 2007
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Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Finally! The interview you all have been waiting for :-) Again I apologize for taking so long to post this up. Blame my computer, she got sick. Anyhow, after the whole FDNY “scandal” we manage to catch up with Michael Biserta to see how he’s doing… and go a little underneath the clothing, even though i’m pretty sure most of you have already been there. Introducing the very sexy Michael Biserta and some exclusive pics courtesy of Michael himself. Check out the entire interview here.

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Trey: Hey Mike, it’s so great to be talking to the gays most wanted man :-) . Obviously your straight and that’s too bad… my readers want to know if you’ll ever bend? Be nice now!
Michael: haha i dont think so. nothing against it, i just dont think its for me..i love women wayy too much.

Trey: Damn that’s too bad. You know you’ll get twice the action if you go bisexual right? LOL. After that whole “scandal” has your reputation with the fire department, and your community in general change?
Michael: I see myself getting looks sometimes, but my family and firehouse have been very supportive. I don’t think many people think i did anything wrong. The firehouse is a tough place… but something like that! Come on, what are they going to say “wow you have a big dick” HAHAHA. No!

Trey: You’re so clean shaven and that’s really hot. Do you shave often? Also, are you currently taken?
Michael: haha no i dont shave my legs or just pretty hairless…lucky i guess…i do shave my arms on occasions if you want to include that..i have a wonderful girlriend names danielle and our sex life is amazing.

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Trey: Don’t spoil us with your straight sex life! Back to that hot video of you. Do you know who discovered you on that video and compared you to the calendar? What do you think of being outed (I mean… yea)?
Michael: I think his name was patric…i was pissed at first and threatened to sue…things turned out ok though and it ended up launching a modeling career…sort of…not yet…someday maybe lol…i actually wrote an email when everything blew over and thanked him. haha

Trey: Wow, that’s nice of you. Do you have any gay friends?
Michael: ummmm i think so…don’t think it’s out in the open yet but we’re all pretty sure of it…he’s a great kid though and i consider him a great friend.

Trey: I really wish I had straight friends like that… well I do, they all just act weird when they undress in front of me. I always tell them I like staring at muscle, not flabs :-) Why did you allow, TREYCRUZ.COM, a predominantly gay site to interview you? Admit it, you love us right! :-)
Michael: Because you did the right thing by helping me with my own calendar..and lets be realistic, as a male model you have to know that at least half of your fans will be gay, or bi..and mostly because of all the support i got thru email and myspace when i was going thru that hard time. Guys and girls… everyone was awesome and i appreciate everything.

Trey: You recently did a new calendar with my friends from On Display Men. What was the experience like?
Michael: it was exciting..that was the first time i did a real photo shoot.. besides the fdny calendar…i was in makeup and showering in front of people….little awkward at first, but the people from ODM were very helpful considering i had no idea what i was doing.

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Trey: Out of curiosity who are you represented by and what field of modeling do you hope to get into?
Michael: I’m currently presented by On Display Men and Red Model Management of New York. Like I told you before I really want to get into underwear ads… mainly fashion type stuff.

Trey: Do you have anything to say to my readers?
Michael: Hopefully you’ll see me soon in some underwear ads…that’s what i’m looking to get into..that’s my goal right now..i hope some more poeple pick up the ODM calendar and suppport me as a model. Again, thanks for everything Trey.


Mark : In the video, I noticed that there were some things you were not
willing to do (e.g. jump on the bed). You also said to the girls that
they were “trouble” for you, as I sensed that you felt this was going
a little too far. I inferred that you have a strong sense of right
and wrong. Tell me, how has this experience matured you as a man?

Michael: I tried to make it not a joke as much as possible. I don’t like being goofy. I was going for sexy although that didn’t work out too well either. I don’t know that if it had matured me much. I’m a big kid and I plan on staying that way as long as I can.

Mark: You are in a “hook and ladder” company. Can you tell me what that
means? What is a typical day like as a firefighter?

Michael: It means that while the engine is stretching the hose are waitng to put the fire out. Me and the ladder or truck are going in first searching and forcing down doors and breaking windows.

Click on the images below to see a larger version!

Intimate Encounters: Michael BisertaIntimate Encounters: Michael BisertaIntimate Encounters: Michael BisertaIntimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Trey: I would like to thank you so much for this incredibly enticing interview Mike. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you think about us when you get rich and famous. I do have one more question though. What do you wear to bed?
Michael: Boxer briefs… I have to be cool when I sleep

All images are copyrighted to their respected author: Photography of Kristopher Kelly and On Display Men. Interview content is copyrighted. Don’t forget to check out more Intimate Encounters only on TREYCRUZ.COM

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

31 Responses to “Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta”

  • Hey guys! I hope you loved the interiew! Michael was very kind and gratful in taking the time to do it for his gay audience! Michael does check this blog often so leave him your comments and questions and hopefully he'll answer you pretty soon!

  • omg one of the hottest interviews ive ever read. trey ur so awesome and lucky to get the chance to meet so many hott people such as mike…i need to get my hands on one of those calender. but thanx for such a great interview im looking forward to some more interviews. and who knows maybe one day trey u will be shooting him for a photo shoot. good luck.

  • Indeed.

  • Thanks for the interview. Real good. Mike, you are HOT. Just wondering if you are Italian. Full Italian? Do you play in a band? Tell us anything you want. Thanks.

  • mike biserta

    dinfinately full italian…sicilian actually, i dont play in a band..i have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever pretty much..thanks for the support guys/.

  • Hey trey! Great interview! I am so jealous! Love your site – and will link to you and this article.

  • Michael just got so much hotter to me. Not only is he fucking hott and hung, but his whole attitude towards us is so respectful. I envy you!!! You get to interview hot guys. How does he find time to model when he's a firefighter probably working 6 or 7 days a week?

  • michael in nashville


    the pics are great… you will have a wonderful career ahead of you… best wishes and Merry Christmas…

    Michael in Tennessee

  • mike biserta

    i been working around my scheldule alot, its not as bad as you New York we only work 2 24 hour shifts a i can find time a little more easier than if i had a 9-5 job.

  • Joe Smith

    So Mike – if it's boxer breifs to bed, what do you wear at other times?

  • mike biserta

    always boxer briefs haha…all these modeling gigs ive been doing the past few weeks have me in briefs and bikini type stuff…sooo uncomportable if your not used to it…thanks for the support trey

  • Thanks for this!!!! Thank you so much Trey and Mike!!

    Any way to support you other than by purchasing the calendar? Any "official" websites or myspace's so fans can show you some love?

  • Hey Will thanks for the comment. Mike doesn't have a blog or anything, but I do know he has a website… but i'm not sure if it's on private or not. Keep in touch with me through the comments and I'll let ya know how to get in touch with Mike. Take care.

  • Rachel Damarr Willia

    Hey Michael… I wanted to say how happy I am to know that there is a real brain and a kind, beating heart behind those great looks. I also wanted to know how old you are and when your birthday is…Thanks and look forward to seeing more of you!

  • Mike, hope this an ok question. We all know you have a large penis but was it fully or semi hard when that spring break video was filmed? can it grow even more? Have your friends seen this video and how do u feel about that? I personally think u have nothing to be uncomfortable about. You look great.

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  • Hey Mike, I have some advice,

    You want to be a underwear model right? Well if the briefs are uncomportable maby you should start wearing them on the regular to get used to them becuase they really do look hot on you and maby you can bring them back into syle.

  • What makes you think your friend is gay what does he do that gives you that vibe i can help you

  • I'm sorry to read about all the trouble. I know what it’s like to have coworkers and bosses who over react.

    I once had a boss fire me the day after he saw me take a leak at a bar’s troth urinal. Though he said his reason was that I sexually harassed his (smoking hot) assistant, when I got wood, at her desk a week earlier; he rejected that it was because she commented on how nice my slacks fit me, while looking at my crotch, that admittedly was just bellow eye level while she was sitting.

    Another time, I was driven away from a job because of rumors that spread around work about what happened while I was getting a birthday lap dance, on stage. There were a few coworkers watching, as audience members, not associated with my 25th birthday party.

    Stupid, jealous, hypocritical people really piss me off.

  • I don't see what all the hooplah is about with him…

    I mean yeah he's gorgeous…and has a perfect body…and actually sounds like a decent person…okay yeah – nevermind lol :p

    Love the interview though – you're hilarious Trey lol

  • [...] I don’t think any introduction is necessary. You already seen him up and down… but just for those who don’t remember, it’s our babe Michael Biserta showing off his sexy back (with his pants dropped and some black converse). Am I the only person that didn’t know Michael had a tattoo on his back? Totally hot! Check out the rest of the briefly pics after the jump. In case you missed it, read our interview with Mr. Fireman here. [...]

  • [...] fireman, Michael Biserta is dripping hard in a new, and extremely revealing (hot, hot, hot) photoshoot by photographer [...]

  • I think that making him a Calvin Klein model would be the ULTIMATE revenge :)

  • @marc:
    lol, how so a revenge?

  • [...] to get in bed with Jason Nielson? This pic totally reminds me of another photo we featured here of Michael Biserta in bed. Like every Friday we would like to introduce a new hottie from the On Display Men modeling [...]

  • marcus joseph

    seriously speaking i love to see every photo of michael. and i wouldnt mind meeting him or becoming a friend.

  • Man, this is one hunk I have had so many hot dreams about….what I would do and give to be able to give this hunk a BJ…..dreams, what would we do with out them

  • mikeeeee yourrr sooo gorgeousss ahahah ur my desktopp on my compuetrr =) lolll whatssss upp u still working in ny?

  • Great job scoring the interview. Soooo cute. It's funny how he has this underground gay following. I've watched that video so many times. LOL. He really is flawless, i'm happy he has a good attitude about the whole thing. :O)

  • Great to know he doesn't keep his large diameter hose dry… someone get him on a reality tv show, quickly.

    Fire stud caught in 'Wife Swap' split

  • Thanks! I actually just read this story 10 mins ago!

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