Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!

by Trey C. on January 22, 2008
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Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!
We hope you all had a great MLK day yesterday, here in the United States. Some were lucky to have a day off, while the rest of us were stuck at work :( Anyhow, it’s a new day, and a hot one at that as we introduce this sexy 23 year old model, Tyler Bachtel of Dublin, Ireland. How do you prefer him… dressed or undressed? See what we mean here.  [source]

Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!

Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!

Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!

18 Responses to “Tyler Bachtel is Smoking Hot!”

  • hey i think this guy is so ?NOT hot he is so fake err. i cant stand guys like this!!

  • @cammy:
    Why do you say that?

  • OMG! He is sooooo hot! That body is perfect (i could just stare at his abs all day!) and his face is stunning, just wish i could see under those pants!!

  • Uh… first of all, this guy is from DUBLIN, OHIO, not Ireland…. and he's not that sweet, or wasn't at least. He thought he was king of all females and treated them like shit. I hope things have changed…

  • I bet he has a sexy accent!

  • HAHA! I went to school with this kid. Definitely from Dublin, OHIO not Ireland (meaning no accent, James). He was always a super nice kid. Can't believe he's modeling now!

  • I went to high school with Tyler…He was in my prom group such a nice guy! Katie from above must have got dumped by him or he wouldnt date her or something! Home town: DUBLIN, OHIO!!!

  • why do you think hes fake! hes so sexy! look at his body and he knows his angles. tyler is an awesome model. your just hating. he is my computer background!

  • Andrea

    Yeah, don't be hating! He'd be fake if he used steroids but if you checked out his official site you'd see he's very health conscious!! Good for you Tyler! Good luck in your career!

  • This guy’s a giant faggot. He knocked me up in 2009 and then told me to get an abortion. I never heard from him again

  • This guy is 100 percent TOOL!!!! He knocked me up in 2009 and told me to get an abortion. I never heard from him after that!

  • I've got one word for you H.I.V. POSITIVE!!!!!

  • Breez Hamdhu

    hey who tell he is nt so hot he is hotter than i thought n nxt year i'm gonna meet him also i luv him so much i wish to c him

  • Thats some Bullshit! He got me pregnant too! How many baby momas does this useless peice of shit have?!

  • This guy had sex with me twice a month for about six months last year, then he up and disappeared. Who ever took him away is a bitch!

  • This Dbag is a pathological liar, 4 feet tall, and broke from the federal government garnishing his money for child support payments

  • lol so true bt sounds so pervy lmao

  • O.o :( seriously? he doesnt seem lyk daht type of guy.. :/

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Patric Jason

  • Jojo says, "O.o :( seriously? he doesnt seem lyk daht type of guy.. :/ "
  • Jojo says, "lol so true bt sounds so pervy lmao "
  • Fred says, "What is so `important´ if gay or not gay. Be gayfriendly!..."
  • jewel says, "taylor i want to suck u up and doooooooooowwwn then i want u..."
  • Purplestein says, "Hater, Taylor Luatner is PERFECT "
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