“Sordid Lives” Jason Dottley: “We even see our sex life on tv!”

by Trey C. on November 9, 2008
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Sordid Lives Jason Dottley: We even see our sex life on tv!

Renowned writer and director Del shores paid a visit to North Texas’ gay and lesbian youths Friday at the Youth First Texas center during his visit in Dallas for a very personal and intimate Q&A session with the ‘youngsters’.

Shores, 50, known for his writing in “Queer as Folks”, “Dharma & Greg”, and LOGO’s biggest hit “Sordid Lives” was in town to cast his latest play, “The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife.”

Alongside Shores was his life partner and actor Jason Dottley, 27, in which the duo brought roars of laughter to the room with their classy charm and stunning good looks.

“Really powerful!,” Shores said answering the first question from Steven Richmond, a youth whom was amongst a crowd of 30, who wondered how life was for Shores as a gay director.

“Where does your inspiration come from?,” asked another youth.

Shores answered, “well I really do have a real aunt Sissie and many of the other characters you see in Sordid Lives. I use those people and I draw up a character for them.”

“I kinda have this messed up mind,” Shores said.

A person from the crowd then ask the couple how they manage to balance their work and personal life.

“A lot of sex!,” Dottley replied.

“We even see our sex life on tv,” a joyous Dottley added. “When I saw it on TV, I was like wait, we’ve done that and he [Shores] says yea I pitched that in the [storyboard] room.”

The crowd then began to speculate on season two of “Sordid Lives” wondering whether or not if there was really going to be a season two and why it was taking so long to produce.

Dottley and Shores recently came under fire as numerous media outlets were reporting on the alleged financial trouble of the duo and their production of “Sordid Lives.” This also came after Dottley posted photos of himself in an underwear for auction on Ebay — presumably to raise money — and the delayed production of season two.

According to TMZ, “investors haven’t stepped forward to support a second season,” however, when POPWIRED asked Shores what the status of season two was he said that LOGO and many of their foriegn investors are working hard to secure the funding and that they are just waiting for the greenlight.

Shores assured the crowd that “there will be a season two.”

When POPWIRED asked if Shores could provide any details on the development of season 2, he kindly said “I don’t want to give away any of my secrets.”

Last question for the evening — Do you consider yourself the white, gay Tyler Perry?

Laughter erupted as a young woman acrossed the room snarkly answered, “hell, you could have just said the white version of Tyler Perry, everyone already knows he [Perry] is gay.”

“I wish I had his money. He’s a very smart man,” Shores said.

Sordid Lives Jason Dottley: We even see our sex life on tv!

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