Sexy CNN weatherman Rob Marciano wasted

by Trey C. on December 24, 2008
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Sexy CNN weatherman Rob Marciano wasted
Nothing surprises me anymore, even weathermen has celebrity status. All rules apply for sexy CNN weather anchor Rob Marciano. He gets women (and men!) hotter than a low-pressure tropical system. The sad part? A drunken night has a very public hangover.

Marciano’s friend told The Dirty that he was trying to get his friend some “action”, but apparently became totally wasted instead. The friend then asked the website to remove pictures of Marciano with some lady friends, saying that if they stayed up, Marciano could be fired.

Really, under what grounds? For violating his servitude of predicting weather? Oh and get this, here is the cool part! Marciano has a fetish for Asian girls, according to the friend. Time for me to put on my komodo dress. Check out the pics from his “VMAN” magazine shoot.

Sexy CNN weatherman Rob Marciano wasted

2 Responses to “Sexy CNN weatherman Rob Marciano wasted”

  • Word on the street is that Rob has a coke problem and was feeding these underaged college girls drugs. Thats why his friend is scared he will lose his job.

  • Where exactly did you get this from?

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Trey C.
Miguel G.

Hai Doung

  • Jojo says, "O.o :( seriously? he doesnt seem lyk daht type of guy.. :/ "
  • Jojo says, "lol so true bt sounds so pervy lmao "
  • Fred says, "What is so `important´ if gay or not gay. Be gayfriendly!..."
  • jewel says, "taylor i want to suck u up and doooooooooowwwn then i want u..."
  • Purplestein says, "Hater, Taylor Luatner is PERFECT "
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