Taylor Lautner is underwear-less

by Trey C. on June 2, 2009
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Taylor Lautner is underwear less

Here’s something to make you all squeal. The teen heartthrob of the moment, Taylor Lautner, was seen leaving the gym with his dad in West Hollywood without underwear! Given, he was wearing shorts, but after a hard long workout that shit sticks to you like herpes. Kudos to the pappz that snapped this.

See the full-sized image after the jump.

Taylor Lautner is underwear less

69 Responses to “Taylor Lautner is underwear-less”

  • Now that's a dilly of a pickle ;) HAHA. Jacob let me be the first to tell you that I would suck you off anytime.

  • Michael

    He's 17, you perverts!

  • johnny

    never mind the 17 yrs old – how about a picture of the gym Dad !!

  • BoynDE1

    17….GREAT! He's had that dilly wet, before. Wait till he's 19 and lets see how big it gets. *druel druel*

    I'd be jumpin on that in a heartbeat. Those of you that don't like my comment……LICK ME

  • wow thats small


    OH MY!!! would jump to have a good suck anytime!!!

  • Bruno Lautner...;-)

    OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUTCH!!!!! He is my generation and I am so in love…….Cute, funny, charming, sexy and perfect is Taylor and HE WILL BE MINE SO BACK OFF EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  • Stephhy

    Theey edit thiis shiit its faake..''/

  • Michael

    @BoynDE1: I'll lick you anytime.

  • Oh my god, give the poor guy a break and just take it ezy will you!

  • Well, he's got a french bulldog face and a chihuahua-sized weiner!

  • Lindo!

  • he is so HOT it`s hard to resist wantin` to SUCK THAT THANGY

  • it's fake… if it were really that small, don't you think he'd cover it with his bottle? and dicks don't just go off to the side like that.

  • OMG! He is ssoooooooooooooooooo HOTTT! I have never been so in love with anything or anybody ever as m8uch as i am with him. Lord, the things we would do together shall remained unsaid on this blog. Seriousllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly. OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG

    This is my totally my new screensaver!

  • brookelyn

    come on guys!!!! ya know its bad enough that he has to deal with the pressure of fame and the papparazzi give him a break seriously CUT HIM SOME SLACK hes probably stressed enough but now the 17 yr old has to deal with rediculous paps and poerverted gossip sites spying on his dick GIVE HIM A BREAK ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ohh my god what a sexy beast

    let me suk that dick

    he is sooo beautiful

  • HE IS HOTTTTTTTT I WANT TO SUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Shelby: AMEN GIRL!!!!!

  • you are nasty,hes only 17 and hes not that kind of guy!!!!! STUPID ASS!!!

  • yall need to FUCKIN STOP!!!!!! he has all the pressure of fame and the last thing he needs is to get more from your ugly ungreatfull face. besides that is his keys and hes not that kind of guy that wants to listen to that shit!!!!!!={ if you think those things then he dont have time for you!!!

  • daaaaaaaaaaaaayummm yummyy :L

  • one word.. if it is a word: WTF?

  • omg, why r u guys all freakn out?!?!?!?! hes only 17 and he has only just become majorly famous! give him a break and look at his FACE rather than his DICK (or his abs but anyway)! i think that much better lookin! and have u ever considered that maybe it was just that bit of string that is on track pants like that?! well,maybe im wrong, but still, u have to consider all the possibilities and he dont need everyone taking pics of him leaving the gym or people closing up on his dick in that pic! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (god, now i know how chris crocker feels)

  • @Chris: Mine does go to the side like that when walking with no underwear, and its the same size. And why do people say thats small? Uh, hello.. That's limp. Okay now multiply thickness AND length by two and that's hard and that's what counts, and that is whats true!

  • OMG!!!! I would soooo ride that thing, I would love to have Taylor up my ass, I would suck his cock, and lick his ass clean…mmmm I'll stuff his whole lenght up my ass!! OH TAYLOR.. MMM… MORE!! even though he is pretty small for my ass, but still, he has the body!!

  • Jacob Fan

    OMG! I want him fuck right now – I want suck it cocky right now too! I dont care, that he is only 17 – I have 17 too, but I wont fuck him!

  • @brookelyn: It is not a string. Have you not seen a penis before? And this, I believe, was a luck shot. They were not intending on getting that to show up, it was going to be a normal razzi photo, I bet you.

  • girl shut up!!! like he has a chance w u

  • i wanna suck him untill the end of time. and i want him to teabag me. i would do ANYTHING he desires

  • Jakes GIRL

    check out his hands…that indicator has never failed me….

    I just about come apart looking at his very long, thick fingers. Ya'll missed the other 2 exclusive pics…one was as he walked away from his make out scene with T.Swift…

    nuthin small bout my guy!!! And He obviously enjoyed that scene…very much…..

    photographers on him 24/7…things are bound to pop up once in a while……THANK GOD!!!

  • @Jakes GIRL:


  • I just 2 suck his dick he will hump me on a beach just stick that dick in my vagina and while it is still in there we will walk to our room and we will get on the bed and he will hump me some more and we will start tongue-ing and i will rip his shirt off and he will take my bikini off and start sucking on my boobs he wont bother putting a condom on and i will start rubbing his cock and he will eject his cum into my pussy and my pussy will start cuming then he will go get some hand cuffs cuff me to the bed face down and he will stuff his dick into my butt hole i will be screaming with pleasure cummin and taylor will be cummin and then once he is done with that he sucks my boobs i suck his dick in my mouth and he cums in it and i swallow it all . . .my sex dream with taylor lautner!1

  • taylor lautner cock is very big same as mine i wish i can suck his cock n he suck my cock is wonderful

  • First of all, when he was seventeen, in certain states such as Florida he would be able to consent to sexual penetration, however he would only be allowed to do so. Either way he's 18 now, so this isn't a valid argument anymore.

  • TL FAN

    Mmmm. THATS SMEXI!!! <3 And yes I'm a pervert ;)

  • Dalkiel

    O, come on!! He's 18 already since feubrary 11!!

    And he's hooot… Realy hoT!!!!! Lol

  • I don't know about you guys, but that looks like a normal sized limp peepee to me… lol!!! I just can't believe that he didn't fix that shit before he walked out of the gym. By now he has to know those picture hounds are right around the corner. I'm glad he's 18 now because I really was feeling like a perv for a while lol!!

  • LOL! Well, I think in the Twilight Saga he doesn't wear underwear either. Since, he morphs into a giant wolf so much if he always wore undies he would rip them to bits. Anyway, in Breaking Dawn, when I read the book it said that he tied his shorts to his leg so that it doesn't get ripped but doesn't say anything about his undies…….


  • @Stella Xia: I think you have some fucked up sense of reality and fiction morphed in to one. Are you serious?

  • @Stella Xia: lol ikr?

  • ok WTF!? yah ok hes 17 but he is hot…. and also its not edited becuase he admited to not wearing underwear that day on an interveiw…and thrid hes not hard there and my dick is only that big when its not hard and im 10 inches with a boner….so yah stop hating just cause hes hot and ur not

  • julia


  • If they stay true to Breaking Dawn, we should be seeing Taylor neke, at least from the back.

  • @danny: danny this is my reply: TAYLOR LAUTNER IS NOT GAY DUDE!!! im pretty sure of it ok and yes if i was u i would want to suck his but lets not get on to that story…taylor is not gay and everyone knos that

  • nicke

    @Chris: yea they do

  • wow the comments have gotten crazy! LOL

  • luverboy

    nbody wanna lick me??

    Tyler is soo sexy, i wud luv 2 giv him a lick

    n i lick better than all of u fuckers!!!!

  • Rastafarian


    well yeah, but only 17. There are guys this age having kids. I don't see what's so perverted. After about 16, we start treating minors like they're adults anyway (depending on what state you're in and what crime they commit) just sayin…

  • Lol, girls on here are fucking hilarious.

    Glad to know he has a dick. :)

    What's all this talk about "sucking" it.

    I'm here he'd want someone to fuck it too. ;)

    Would be pretty awesome to hear from him, right? Hahahahaha.

  • He's not even 17 anymore. He turned 18 on the 11th of Feburary. He's actually 18 and a half by now. Everybody calm the heck down. It's only a picture. I'm a huge fan and my friends might call me obssesed, but I seem totally level-headed next you guys… Utter pervs. Sheesh. Give the guy a break. This is insanity. Think before you start squabbling in such an innapropriate, disrespectful manner. Thank you. ;)

    We love you Taylor! Wooooooooot!

  • well…i have 2 say he is 1 sexy guy i want 2 FUCK!!!

  • @Michael: 17 is over the legal age of consent in most countries so they are not perverts. Something tells me you are probably straight and spend most nights in bed with your sister you creep!

  • That is not his thing… Anyone can see that. Do you really think he'd go to the gym withough underwear on???

  • Thatz not even as big as i expected!!!

  • you ppl saying he has a small dick need to realise that dick size doesnt matter

  • michaela

    of i saw that i would do something crazy

  • @jody: And that he's not hard here. That's most likely soft

  • @sarah12345: kay, thats really really creepy, please, hes a minor, or are all of you sex- crazed freaks to hyped up on hormones to care? i mean, WTF? honestly, yes hes cute, but also HE IS 17 YEARS OLD!

  • crazy10190

    taylor if you are reading this…………….well im only in third grade and people bugg me about how small i amm…………i mean i look like a three yr old trust me my name is skylar and this guy i like named justin and he hates me because im small an i like SO LOVE HIM just like u

  • phuong heo

    du sao thi cung rat quyen ru

  • taylor is so hot and sexy.I want kiss him day and night

    He is CUTE

  • i want to suck him really badly

  • Corpinho perfeito.

  • @luverboy: ill lick you and suck you up! Hows that sound?

  • i will surely do …just tell me ur penis size

  • taylor i want to suck u up and doooooooooowwwn then i want u to hit it from back and front

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  • Jojo says, "O.o :( seriously? he doesnt seem lyk daht type of guy.. :/ "
  • Jojo says, "lol so true bt sounds so pervy lmao "
  • Fred says, "What is so `important´ if gay or not gay. Be gayfriendly!..."
  • jewel says, "taylor i want to suck u up and doooooooooowwwn then i want u..."
  • Purplestein says, "Hater, Taylor Luatner is PERFECT "
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