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Michael Biserta in ‘Wife Swap’ scandal

by Trey C. on September 28, 2009

Michael Biserta in Wife Swap scandal

NY firefighter Michael Biserta can not seem to stay out of the press! The firefighter who took the gay world by its throat in 2007 for his nude escapades on a ‘Guys Gone Wild’ video is now involved in a sex scandal, the NY Post reports.

Biserta is named as the “other man” in the New Jersey divorce of a reality-show contestant who stabbed her husband.

According to the NY Post:

Five-alarm hunk Michael Biserta, of Brooklyn’s Ladder Co. 131, traded sexually explicit mobile Facebook messages with former “Wife Swap” star Jamie Czerniawski just before her knife-wielding rampage last Memorial Day weekend, court papers allege.

More Michael Biserta…

by Trey C. on March 17, 2008

More Michael Biserta...
Last week we featured the first photo in quite a while of our favorite little huge hero, Michael Biserta. Today we bring you more photos of Michael to enjoy courtesy of Michael Tammaro. For those of you who are unaware of Michael’s little huge video and how his popularity came to be, check out this link to get catched up a little.

+ Photography by Michael Tammaro

More Michael Biserta...

Michael Biserta’s Back and Smokin’ Hot

by Trey C. on March 14, 2008

Michael Bisertas Back and Smokin Hot
It’s been a long while since we’ve seen anything posted about Michael Biserta nor heard anything from him directly. Out of faith between Michael and us, we received an email from our favorite little huge hero a couple days ago and he just wanted us to pass on to you all a big hello and thanks for the support. Michael recently did some shots with photographer Michael Tammaro as seen above and he is still smokin’ hot as ever. Check back soon for more of Michael. Photos courtesy of Michael Tammaro for TREY CRUZ.

+ Photography by Michael Tammaro

Michael Biserta: All Sorts of Grown

by Trey C. on January 15, 2008

Michael Biserta: All Sorts of Grown
Hunky fireman, Michael Biserta is dripping hard in a new, and extremely revealing (hot, hot, hot) photoshoot by photographer Arnaldo Anaya Luca. But whose to complain right? Michael did say he wanted to be an underwear model… with that said, and judging by the top right photo, he’s definitely over throwing David Beckham’s “manhood” thrown. Enjoy the full size pics after the jump. source

Michael Biserta Does High Fashion

by Trey C. on January 9, 2008

Michael Biserta Does High Fashion
From the top of a hook and ladder truck to high fashion, the beefcake fireman certainly has the gays on their knees. Today we bring you our first post of the year of uber hot Michael Biserta shot by photographer, Walter Kurtz. Naked guy against the wall… ah, the memories ;-) Walter Kurtz naturally captured the beauty of Michael and I must say his editorial shoots are fantastic… a little suprised that Michael could pull it off. Source says that Michael has even been working with famed fashion photographer Steven Klein. Let’s hope Steven Klein does another prison shot, see it here, this time featuring the hose. More pics after the jump. Photos courtesy of Walter Kurtz.

Michael Biserta Does High Fashion

Michael Biserta: Oh My God, He’s Naked!

by Trey C. on December 28, 2007

Michael Biserta: Oh My God, Hes Naked!

Yea… I know. It hasn’t even been a full day yet and Michael Biserta is again hitting the mainstream queer blogs… this time nude… artistically nude :-) Special thanks to Kristopher Kelly for providing the photos for TREY CRUZ readers.

+ Check out this feature on Michael at Beautiful Mag

Michael Biserta: Oh My God, Hes Naked!Michael Biserta: Oh My God, Hes Naked!Michael Biserta: Oh My God, Hes Naked!

Michael Biserta’s Bringing Sexy Back

by Trey C. on December 27, 2007

Michael Bisertas Bringing Sexy Back

I don’t think any introduction is necessary. You already seen him up and down… but just for those who don’t remember, it’s our babe Michael Biserta showing off his sexy back (with his pants dropped and some black converse). Am I the only person that didn’t know Michael had a tattoo on his back? Totally hot! Check out the rest of the briefly pics after the jump. In case you missed it, read our interview with Mr. Fireman here. [image]

+ Michael Biserta’s Archive

Michael Biserta in Red

by Trey C. on December 20, 2007

Michael Biserta in Red

Our hottie Michael Biserta is making his rounds again… this time with his new agency Red Model Managment. Check out two sexy photos after the jump shot by photographer Sean Watters. Michael had his first huge break with the FDNY 2008 calendar as cover boy and of course his infamous ‘Boys Gone Wild’ video. If you missed our interview with Michael last week check it out here. For everything else Michael Biserta take a look at his page. Good luck Michael!

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

by Trey C. on December 12, 2007

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Finally! The interview you all have been waiting for :-) Again I apologize for taking so long to post this up. Blame my computer, she got sick. Anyhow, after the whole FDNY “scandal” we manage to catch up with Michael Biserta to see how he’s doing… and go a little underneath the clothing, even though i’m pretty sure most of you have already been there. Introducing the very sexy Michael Biserta and some exclusive pics courtesy of Michael himself. Check out the entire interview here.

Intimate Encounters: Michael Biserta

Michael Biserta: Behind the Scenes

by Trey C. on October 26, 2007

 Michael Biserta: Behind the Scenes

Our sexy FDNY firefighter Michael Biserta is on another steamy calendar! This time you can see him in 28 different positions. Ever wonder how Michael look like in bed… or in the shower? :-) Now is your chance by purchasing the calendar here. I promise you won’t regret it. Just look at the sexy pic below (why are his eye’s close? hmmm) and the behind the scene clip after the jump. Don’t forget to check back later for our one to one interview with Mr. Biserta. If there’s anything, anything at all, that you ever wanted to know about Michael, here’s the time to ask. Shoot me an email and I’ll relay it to him for the final interview. He promised to answer as honestly as possible. This will be interesting.

+ Get the exclusive Calendar @
+ More Hotties at On Display Men

Michael Biserta: Behind the Scenes

Michael Biserta: Behind the Scenes

Trey C.
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